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Hi, my name is Patrick, certified Personal Trainer (SAFS) and my passion is to help people to achieve their fitness and health goals to get the best version of themselves, physically and mentally.

If you want to loose fat, gain muscles or just want to feel better and have more strength, health and happiness in life, then what are you waiting for? Just hit the button below and together we will work out and have fun.

I have a wide background of martial arts, such as Boxing, Wing Chung, J
iu-Jitsu, and Tai-Chi. All of the knowledge and wisdom of these art-forms, paired with the latest sports science, flow into each training session.

Strength training, martial arts and meditation always helped me to stay focus in life and even master difficult periods in life, which we are all going trough.

"a year from now you'll wish you had started today"



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Patrick ist ein sehr sympathischer, super Trainer. Er passt sich jedem individuell an. Er konnte mich mit seinem Training trotz meinem Ashma fordern und ich fühlte mich nach jedem Training super.  Obwohl ich sehr oft an meine Grenzen kam & am liebsten aufgeben wollte, holte er mich von meinem Tief ab & motivierte mich wieder aufs Neue. Vielen Dank Patrick für deine Geduld mit mir 😉



Patrick helped me out to find my balance not only physically but also mentally. To find a time slot for training being a working mom wasn’t an easy task, but Patrick showed a lot of flexibility. The workout itself depends on your own goals. I enjoyed the workouts and meditative cool downs a lot. The good energy Patrick brings even in the moments when he is pushing you to do harder exercises makes the entire training a great experience.



Stress, Fatigue and worry - Good Bye :). Vanja & Patrick helped us to get more balanced and handle the stress of our busy life as managers and parents of two kids. We loved the kickboxing part to power out and the breathing exercises were super calming. They gives little digestable bytes of knowledge each time so sustainable change is guaranteed.

Chris and David